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[ people make fun of me... ]

tinasophia - girl - 12 ans (12 September 2011)

people are making fun of me at home and at mom tells my siblings to stop but they wont listen! im really starting to think im obesse that im to fat to do this and that... please help me i wanna lose weight but its too hard! help me! thanks in advance!

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi tinasophia! I understand your concerns and you did the right thing by writhing to us.

First, let me understand the situation properly. You say that people are making fun of you. Are they making fun about your weight? Is that why you are starting to find yourself fat and that you want to lose weight? It's hard for me to figure out if your current weight is normal and healthy because I’m missing information. But when we want to lose weight or simply maintain our healthy weight, the best combination is often to eat well and to make exercise. Is it your case? Would you like to meet a professional (food specialist, trainer, doctor, nurse, etc.) to figure that out with him? It could be a good idea and that way, you would be sure that your motivation and goals are healthy.

Sometimes the real reason we're unhappy with the way we look is that we're feeling powerless, frustrated, or angry about situations in our lives. Do you think that what you are living with your siblings is the reason that makes you want to change your body? What emotions are related to this situation tinasophia? You see, when we want to change to avoid the attack of the others, it may not be a good motivation even if I understand that you want the bullying to stop. Could you try something else? You know, a person that makes comments like that want to hurt you and bother you. What will confirm them that their goal is attempt is you reaction. For example, if you get sad or angry when they tell you stuff, it shoes them that they accomplished what they wanted. You understand? That being said, do you think your reaction has something to do with the fact that the people continue to make fun of you? Could you try to ignore them instead of taking what they are saying straight to heard? It's sometimes the best thing to do.

I hope that these few lines will help you. If this takes too much place and you don't see things get better, it would be important that you talk to someone that will be able to help you. It could be a counsellor at your school, a teacher of a professional at Tel-jeunes (1-800-263-2266). Ok?

Good luck and take care of you,


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