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[ Scared Cause i'm new in the school ]

superken13 - boy - 14 ans (3 August 2011)

Hey, I'm scared to go to school this year beacause i don't know any people from that school and i don't want to get bullied like my friend...What sould i do?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello superken13,

We appreciate that you thought of us by writing about your situation.

I sense that you are very preoccupied with what might happen in a month or so in school. But all those worries are for the time being only in your head. They haven't happened yet. Wouldn't you prefer enjoying the rest of your summer for the next month? When we apprehend what might happen in the future we can enjoy what is happening right now, which might actually be more fun and interesting. Don't you agree superken13?

I understand that it can be hard to start at a new school to meet new people. You especially don't want others to tease you as well. Even though you are new, you can still make some friends. There are many ways of making new friends. You can introduce yourself to them and tell them that you are new. You can also make friends when you start doing group projects in class. How do you make new friends normally? It's also possible to join a group of something you like doing at school, such as sports, committees, extra-curricular activities, etc. On top of that the people in that activity will have similar interest as you. What are your interests? Would you like to join a group in school?

If you get bullied at school, you can always tell a teacher or your parents so that measures will be implemented to stop it from continuing. Bullies generally tease kids who tend to be alone, show little confidence in themselves and they do that so they can feel that they have power over them. If you don't let yourself be pushed around by them by taking a stand or by telling a teacher, they normally stop. What would you like to do if you are bullied?

I'll let you think on what was said. If you feel the need to call us, don't hesitate. We are available 24/7.


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