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[What to do with myself] Hello, I am a 19 yrs old university student. I have always pushed myself hard in school. However, I studied what was practical (i.e. the fields in which there is good chance of employment) and... »»»
[people make fun of me...] people are making fun of me at home and at mom tells my siblings to stop but they wont listen! im really starting to think im obesse that im to fat to do this and that... please help me i... »»»
[What can I do?] I came here four years and a half ago and I have studied all my high school in English (4 th) but now according to the law I have to go to a French school, just when I am about to finish, is so... »»»
[Scared Cause i'm new in the school] Hey, I'm scared to go to school this year beacause i don't know any people from that school and i don't want to get bullied like my friend...What sould i do? »»»
[Going back] Hi, My brother dropped out of school before finishing secondary 3. 3 years later, he is regretting it. I've been looking for information on how and where he can go and get his high school... »»»
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