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[ Sex ]

maxidoo - boy - 17 ans (2 December 2008)

Hey me n my girl have been together for 1 year and 4 months, we had sex after 2 and it was perfect but it only happened 7 ties after that she says it cuz she ashamned but im afraid its not of herself but of me did i do anything wrong im also scared that ill do something ill regret like cheat since im unsatisfied i respect her a lot but i still worrie i dont want to make a misake shes my world

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi maxidoo ! Sexuality is an important part of a relationship and can raise many questions. You are now unsatisfied with your sex life and it seems like you have many questions about it. Unfortunately, you’re not asking any question in your message. What would you like to know maxidoo ? How would you like to be helped ? What would you want to change about your sexlife ? You mention that your girlfriend is ashamed of something and that it would explain why she does’nt want to have sex anymore. But what is she ashamed of ? And does she see a problem ? Do you know if she would like to change anything about her sex life with you? As you can see, we would need a lot more information to clearly understand the problem. Can you call us or write to us again, with a precise question and more information ? Then, we’ll be able to give you the information you’re looking for. Bye maxidoo !


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