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[ sperm ]

koopz - boy - 13 ans (9 June 2008)

hi i turnd 13 april 12 and when i masterbate there is not alote of sperm that comes out of my penis whats wrong

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello koopz! It is normal to be concerned about puberty. We receive a lot of questions on that topic.

Did you know that the quantity of sperm that will get out of the penis during the ejaculation is different from one boy to another? Tell me, what makes you think there’s something wrong? What do you mean by “not a lot”? You know, there’s no way to control the quantity of sperm.

If you wish to read more about puberty, I invite you to take a look at the SEXUALITY section of our website. Don’t hesitate to call us if you wish to talk to a counsellor. Take care!


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