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[ same sex relationships ]

curiosity101 - boy - 16 ans (29 June 2012)

i was woundering since i was openly gay with friends at school and anyone in general, and still single because noone is open enough at school if there was a website for students and adolescents like me to meet and talk with others to start an actual relationship?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello curiosity101,

Many teenagers have questions on how to find a boyfriend or girlfriend.

There exist different ways of meeting people of the same sexual orientation on the internet or in public places. There is GAI ÉCOUTE which can help people find different ressources and activities where you could find people to meet. You can call them at 1888 505-1010 or visit there website (website is only in French). You can also search the Internet for different activities related to homosexuality, where people meet for gatherings and various activities. Be aware that some of these activities are restricted to adults only. Sometimes you can find chat rooms or support groups on the Internet for peole who are homosexual. Where would you want to start looking? Would you like to meet people face to face or by chatting?

I wish you a good research and have a nice day curiosity101!


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