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[ puberty ]

hospitalflip - boy - 14 ans (13 July 2009)

so im 14 and i dont think ive hit puberty yet and i was just wondering if its normal cause i have pubic hair, ive been growing a lot in height and im getting more muscle yet i cant ejaculate and i find it kinda weird...

Tel-jeunes’ answer


We receive a lot of questions concerning puberty; a great number of boys share your preoccupations. It's a good idea to ask!

During puberty physical changes occur at a personal pace; there is no definite order. For example some boys will say hair came first, for others it's a change of muscle mass or a change in the voice, etc. Do you understand what I mean?

You mention having observed some changes in your body. That means puberty has indeed started. I can feel you are preoccupied by the fact that you can't ejaculate yet. At 14 years old, there is nothing wrong with it. Ok?

I hope these info will help you! Here's a link to our website.
It's a complete section concerning puberty and all the different changes. It may be interesting to you!

We are always available in you have further questions!


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