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[ watching sex ]

someone - girl - 14 ans (2 August 2011)

is it normal to watch porn at age 14. it might not seem like a serious question or something but sometime i just watch it and then im like why did i watch it. is there something i should do because im a good girl i mean people who see would never think i watch this

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello someone,

There are many teenagers who ask questions on viewing pornography at your age.

You see, pornography is aimed at an adult audience and you need to be 18 years old to view it. Did you know that? The reason for this is that the content you can see in pornography needs to be viewed with a certain maturity and judgement that we tend to have when we are older and more experienced. Don't you agree? Pornography can have an influence on you if you do not have a clear eyed view of what it truly is. What does pornography represent for you someone?

You have to know that pornography is not a depiction of a real live sexual relation. A lot of the things are exaggerated, out of proportion and even unreal. These are porn actors that are surrounded by a film crew and they can take days to do a 30 minutes video. Just like any other typical movie. What is your perception of pornography? How do you feel when you watch it? For the reasons above, pornography is not a good source of sexual education.

Some people will watch pornography so that they can give themselves sexual pleasure by masturbating. Others simply watch it to be sexually excited without masturbating. Men and women watch pornography and it's impossible to determine who does and who doesn't watch it. Do you have a better understanding now of why you watch it? The main objective of pornography is to sexually excite the viewer. Could it be because of this that you tend to watch it? Could there be other reasons for you to watch it? Curiosity, sexual exploration, sexual education, etc.?

Watching pornography becomes a problem when it's an obsessive thought. In other words, you NEED to watch it and it starts to affect your social life (refuse to go out with friends to watch pornography instead), your school (you watch it instead of studying) and work (you watch it at work). There is no problem in watching pornography if you are aware that it can have an effect and what are they on your perception of sexuality, know why you are watching it and you need to be at least 18 years old.

So I'll let you think and all of this and don't hesitat to call us if you feel the need.

Have a nice day!


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