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[ pregenacy ]

Jelly - girl - 16 ans (28 February 2009)

Me and my boyfriend had sex the other night, we used a condom and it didnt split. However i am very worried that i could be pregenant. is that possible?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Jelly,

This is an excellent question. We do receive a lot of messages concerning the risk of pregnancy. Sexuality and pregnancy can be hard to understand completely.

You know Jelly; it’s impossible to answer the question “is that possible” by saying no chances at all. Even if there is a really small chance, it is still a chance. Do you understand what I mean?

In general we can say that the possibility of pregnancy is part of sexuality. As a woman, we do face this reality; we can become pregnant.

Contraception is a great tool in the sense that it helps us reduce the possibility to a minimum. Some methods have a really high level of efficiency when taken in an appropriate way. When used as prescribed a condom helps reduce the risk to the minimum. Do you understand?

You know, I’m not saying that there is a chance in your particular case. It’s a reality everyone should bare in mind. There is no “perfect” contraceptive. And when we are aware of this reality it makes us more cautious about contraception. For example, doctors usually recommend the use of two contraceptive methods; the condom and something else. It helps putting all the chances on our side. Do you see what I mean? Do you think it would help you feel more “secure”?

If you’re still worried I invite you to contact the health line Info santé. A nurse could help you by giving you more info on pregnancy. You can also read our website’s SEXUALITY section. There is a lot of info concerning pregnancy and prevention. Ok?

I wish a great day!

Take care Jelly!


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