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[ sexuality ]

concerned - girl - 15 ans (19 July 2008)

hi! i've been wondering when a girl give a guy a "blow job" (without protection) and he has an orgasm in her mouth (meaning there's sperm), are there any consequences for the girl? for example, getting pregnant ? i'm just concerned. thanks !

Tel-jeunes’ answer


It’s a great initiative to ask your questions!

In all unprotected sexual contacts, whether oral or vaginal, there’s a risk of sexually transmissible infections (STI). That’s why it is important to use a condom. It helps reducing the risk.

Also, a girl cannot get pregnant by swallowing sperm. There’s a risk when; a guy masturbates his partner with sperm on his fingers, during the first sexual relation, throughout all the month and even if the guy withdraws from his partner’s vagina before ejaculating.
There are a lot of things to learn about sexuality!

I hope this info will help you! If you want to learn more, you can read our SEXUALITY section. Ok?

Take care!


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