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[ sexuality ]

just for info - girl - 14 ans (1 June 2009)

should young teenagers (between 13 and 15 years old) have sex ?

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thanks for taking the time to write us a message!

You know, the question teenagers " should or should not " have sex reveals an opinion. Some people will agree, some won't. It's a question of personal vision. As a counsellor my role isn't to take position but to help and guide youth into taking the best decisions for themselves. Do you understand what I mean by that?

Whether a person feels ready is personal; the answer can be different from one another. Some are ready at 15, others at 18 and some aren't not ready at 20 years old. Do you understand what I mean? There are many ingredients into " feeling ready ". Do you agree with me?

Why did you ask this question? Do you feel concerned about sex? If you want to talk about your personal situation please feel welcome to write back. It will be a pleasure to read you again!

Take care!


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