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[ STD ]

nikki minaj - girl - 17 ans (2 December 2008)

on sunday, i went over to a friends house, and i really like him. before we had sex there was a little bit of contact without a condom, but no penetration. the very next day i began to feel a little uncomfortable, my vagina itches and seems a bit swolen. could it just be that it's very sensitive, or could i have an STD? what do i do to check, are there tests that you take?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hi nikki minaj ! I understand that you can be worried about those symptoms appearing right after a sexual intercourse. You know, STDs can be transmitted through contact with the blood, the biological fluids, but also through contact of the genitals with the partner’s genitals. It does’nt mean you have a STD, but the only way of knowing if you have one is to consult a health professionnal. You can first call info-santé by dialing 811. You can also be tested for STDs by going to the medical clinic or the CLSC. Bye nikki minaj !


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