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[ I'm confused ]

twinkle - girl - 13 ans (14 December 2012)

I'm a girl and I like guys, but I like when i see pictures of naked girls. I really don't know what's wrong. I really can't imagine me being with a girl. My question is, is it normal that naked girls turn me on a little but that I'm not into girls?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello twinkle,

Sexual preferences and sexual orientations are common questions.

It's not rare to be attracted to both genders as most teenagers question themselves on their sexual orientation. As you mentioned in your question, it's possible to be attracted to both girls and boys, yet not being able to picture ourselves in a relationship with one of them. How does this make you feel now that you know this? What does it change for you? Sometimes people are attracted physically to one gender and emotionally to the other. It even happens that your physically and emotionally attracted to one gender, but only physically or emotionally attracted to the other. How do you perceive your attraction to boys and girls? Would you say it's physical or emotional or both?

Some people are attracted to both sexes and consider themselves bisexual, and others don't. You can't control who you are attracted to, but the only person that can choose your sexual orientation is yourself. What matters the most is that you feel comfortable with which ever sexual orientation you want to identify with. Some people decide that they want to explore their sexual attraction to the same sex and discover that they enjoy it, and others don't and leave their sexual attraction to the same sex in their sexual fantasies. What would you like to do? How do each of the sexual orientation make you feel if you were to identify with one of them (lesbian, heterosexual, bisexual)?

Have a nice day and don't hesitate to contact us again if you feel the need to.


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