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*:(* - girl - 14 ans (2 January 2009)

there it is my worst fear has just happened i started to menstruate but i dont know how to take "care" of this and im a really shy person and i dont know how to tell my parents :S please help

Tel-jeunes’ answer


I just read your message; I know it is not always easy to adjust to such a change in our body; even if it’s part of a natural process. We don’t really control the moment when it happens. Do you agree with me?

I want you to have the most info about it. I will refer you to a great website “”. Some parts are specifically addressed to adolescents. Here’s a link to a page entirely addressed to menstruation and how to take care of it.

And this is a complete section on the menstruation cycle.

I believe you will find this info very useful! You can take your time to read it but if you have any further questions, we’re always available for you. Ok?

Take care!


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