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[ sex ]

melody - girl - 13 ans (17 November 2008)

hello, my name is melody and im 13 yrs old, but since a few months, that ive been sleeping over 2 my b-friends house, he keeps on asking me to have sex with him and i feel like i want to have sex too.... i just dont know "HOW" to have it...and if i only need a condom not to be pregnant.... i masturbate, but its not enough. i feel like i need i ok?? or am i too sexualy active....?i just want to bye!=)and pls answer quikly...

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello melody! A lot of teenagers have questions about sexuality.

You’re wondering how to have sex. Did you know melody that it is not possible for a teenager under 16 years old to have sexual intercourse? In fact, a teenager under 16 years old cannot legally consent to have sexual intercourse.

It is still normal for a teenager to be curious about sexuality and to experience sexual desire. Adolescence is a period where a lot of things are new, and sexuality is one of them. Don’t you think? To know more about sexuality and to discover their bodies, some people will choose to masturbate. Masturbation is normal if you’re comfortable with it and if you feel the need to. Some people masturbate, some others don’t. But you know melody, being curious about sexuality and being ready to be sexually active is two things completely different. Not knowing “how” to have a sexual intercourse is maybe the sign that a person is not there yet, don’t you think? Don’t go too fast melody; remember you have all your time.

I can read your boyfriend is the one asking you to have sex. I know it can be difficult to say no to the one we love. But it is important that you respect yourself. Do you think your boyfriend is ready to respect your own rhythm? If he doesn’t and he continues asking you to have sex, what will that tell you?

To know more about contraception, I invite you to have a look at the website You’ll read that there’s no method that’s 100% sure. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have more questions or if you wish to talk directly with a counsellor.

Take care!


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