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[ pimples ]

1234567890 - boy - 15 ans (9 June 2008)

i have a lot of pimples that are all over my neck and back and this all happened in a week and im wondering if its normal.

Tel-jeunes’ answer


Thanks for writing! We received both your questions. As it is written in the site, we answer 1 question by person by day. I will then answer your first situation and please feel welcome to write back!

Puberty is a period where a lot of physical changes occur. The body and the hormones are working hard. And pimples can appear in different places, it’s normal and it can more intense during certain periods.
Simple things can be done to help us. Avoid eating products which contain a lot of fat (chips, fries, chocolate, etc) and wash our face twice a day, with a light soap (softly). For that matter, I suggest you ask a pharmacist about it. He could help you look for the right product!

I also invite you to read our web site. There’s a SEXUALITY section which contains a lot of information for guys on puberty. It might interest you.

I wish you a great day!


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