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[ the first time? ]

Kuty69 - girl - 15 ans (10 November 2008)

3 guys like me at school...lets call them A,B,&C. I'm Best friends with A,Good friends with B and friends with C... A and me are in love, but not in a relationship. I have sexual needs since i watch porn on the net....and i was wandering if it would be okay to have my First time with A? We have talked about this and think we should but it would be awkward....and when i watch porn on internet i get wet without even touching myself whats wrong?! Thank you,

Tel-jeunes’ answer


I read your message carefully; it’s normal to have questions about sexuality.

First I want to explain something important about pornography. This type of material has been created in order to create sexual desire. It is normal to feel something when we see that type of images. But we have to remember that porn isn’t reality; it’s a fantasy world with actors and scenarios. Sex in the real world doesn’t look like the images; women and men don’t have to act like that. Do you understand what I mean? We have to be aware that pornography isn’t an “educational” tool for sexuality.

You also seem to wonder about the first time. You know, there is a difference between feeling curious about sexuality and being ready for the first experience. During puberty our body starts to feel all these new sensations; for example sexual desire. But feeling desire doesn’t mean that we “have” to act. Do you see what I mean? How do you see your first time? Is it important for you to be in love first? How do you feel about doing it with a friend?

I will let you think about it!


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