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[ bizarre! ]

bobololo - girl - 11 ans (15 February 2009)

hi! wELL ITS WEIRD but almost everyday i go on my stair case where the (poteau en francais) ARE and i climb on them go up and down and its feels really good in my vagina, i know its weird but i want to know if its masturbation? And when i hear my parents make love, its make me feel good to, but at the same time not....

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello bobololo,

During puberty a lot of changes happen in our body. The rise of sexual hormones is part of these changes. We can start to feel new sensations like sexual excitation or desire.

Masturbation is a practise that we do alone in order to give ourselves sexual pleasure. Masturbation is a practise personal to everyone. Do you feel like it’s what happens in the situation you describe in your message?

Also, it is normal to have some emotions when we hear our parents make love. If you have questions about it, don’t hesitate to call us or write us back. Ok?

Take care bobololo!


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