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[ Extra Precaution ]

Anonymous - girl - 16 ans (21 January 2010)

I plan on having sex with my boyfriend.We plan on wearing a condom but Iwant extra precaution in case the condom breaks. What can I use? Where could I find the Morning Pill?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello Anonymous! Let's look at this situation together.

There are a lot of contraceptive methods that you can choose to use. The condom is a very good one and it's the only one that also protects against transmission of STIs. So, you can choose to use the condom only. It's a very effective method, but unfortunately, there's no method 100% effective. If you prefer, you can then choose to use two methods. If you wish to have more information about all the contraceptive methods available, I invite you to have a look at this web page: After, you could make an appointment with a doctor; a health professional could help you evaluate the best method for you.

If a problem should happen with the contraceptive method (condom breaking, for example) or if you should forget to use a contraceptive method, you could then get the morning after pill, which is an emergency contraceptive method. It can not and should not replace a regular method! If a problem happens in the future and you have a good reason to think that the intercourse is at risk, you could then get the morning after pill at the pharmacy, the CLSC or a clinic.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to call us! Take care!


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