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[ tampons ]

west - girl - 14 ans (12 September 2008)

is ing a tampon the same feeling as when you have sex? cuz it feels great. is that normal?

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello west,

It’s a good question!

Using a tampon isn’t exactly the same feeling as a sexual relation. A penis and a tampon do penetrate the vagina. We could say that is the only resemblance.
But using a tampon isn’t having a sexual relation. There is a all different context between the two. Do you understand?

It is possible to feel different sensations when we use a tampon. These sensations could be different from one girl to another. Some girls do experience a pleasant feeling when they first use a tampon. Others don’t and for some it will hurt a little. Do you understand what I mean?

I hope it will answer your question! Have a great day!


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