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[IUD] Je suis une adolescente angoissée pas le bris d'un condom. C'est ma pire phobie. J'aimeria savoir si il y a des IUD (technique de contraception sans hormones) disponible pour les jeunes? J'ai... »»»
[Masturbating] Hi, since I was 8 i started masturbating and i want to stop it cuz' its ruining my life. I masturbate 1-3 times a day while watching porn since the age of 11. Please help me.. »»»
[Pregnancy ] Hello! I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time a few days ago and we used a condom (of course!) but i cant help but feel paranoid about getting pregnant from the condom not being put on... »»»
[Sex with boys] Hi, i wanted to ask if having sex with boys(i mean my boyfriend) will im 14 its bad? I enjoy sex and stuff and its normal for me! But i know adults have different view about that... I think there... »»»
[gaybutfantasize] Hi , Thank you for the time you'll take to answer my question . So here is my confusion ... i am lesbian girl . I have a girlfriend and i love her and i am extremely exited by her . When we are in... »»»
[I'm confused] I'm a girl and I like guys, but I like when i see pictures of naked girls. I really don't know what's wrong. I really can't imagine me being with a girl. My question is, is it normal that naked... »»»
[same sex relationships] i was woundering since i was openly gay with friends at school and anyone in general, and still single because noone is open enough at school if there was a website for students and adolescents... »»»
[watching sex] is it normal to watch porn at age 14. it might not seem like a serious question or something but sometime i just watch it and then im like why did i watch it. is there something i should do because... »»»
[The pills] Hi, me and my boyfriend are really in love, and I can tell he really does care about me and doesn't want to push things. But, I've already had sex and I told my mother. But now, I want to take the... »»»
[Extra Precaution] I plan on having sex with my boyfriend.We plan on wearing a condom but Iwant extra precaution in case the condom breaks. What can I use? Where could I find the Morning Pill? »»»
[sex] i have a boy friend he told me to have a sex what should i do he is 14 he said that he will use condom but i am scare i read at internet they say that having sex is hurt and if i am pregnent i... »»»
[how can I find a guy for me?] Hi I have a big problem. I lie alot about everything specialy about my verginity I told my friends I lost my verginity at the age of 14 but thats a lie the truth is I'm still a vergine. I have a... »»»
[puberty] so im 14 and i dont think ive hit puberty yet and i was just wondering if its normal cause i have pubic hair, ive been growing a lot in height and im getting more muscle yet i cant ejaculate and i... »»»
[sexuality] should young teenagers (between 13 and 15 years old) have sex ? »»»
[Ejaculation && Sex] Hi. So my boyfriend and i have been having sex for about 4 months now but i just recently found out that he has never really ejaculated with a condom. He has once but that is it. When we don't use... »»»
[Sexuality] Ok first I want to say sorry for my very poor anglish but there's no room for my question in french so i'm gonna do my best.
ok here my question
It hurts when I try to put a (tampon), I...
[The fear of being gay] For two years I have had the fear of being gay although I don't think I am. I just get this «and if I was» kind of though all the time. I have never had an erection in front of a man and am very... »»»
[pregenacy] Me and my boyfriend had sex the other night, we used a condom and it didnt split. However i am very worried that i could be pregenant. is that possible? »»»
[bizarre!] hi! wELL ITS WEIRD but almost everyday i go on my stair case where the (poteau en francais) ARE and i climb on them go up and down and its feels really good in my vagina, i know its weird but i... »»»
[virginity] Hy Thank you very much for helping me by answering my quesion. I would like to know if I had sex with someone (penetration) is there a way the vagina comes back like as if I never had sex. This... »»»
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