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[Sex] My boyfriend and I have been dating for two months and a half now. And I want to have sex with him and he wants to have sex with me but in some way I am scared. Are chances of the condom breaking... »»»
[Telling my parents?] I have my period. I don't know how to tell my parents.Help! »»»
[Menstruation...] there it is my worst fear has just happened i started to menstruate but i dont know how to take "care" of this and im a really shy person and i dont know how to tell my parents :S please help »»»
[my body] hey...well when i was 8-9 years old. i was im in shape, wich is a good thing, but i cant figure out how. because i didnt do exercise, in fact i ate more than when i was younger. so i... »»»
[Having sex with someone that you know for a month] Dear Tel Jeunes, I got a question to ask you, I want to know is it having oral sex will be dangerous? My boyfriend nonstop to ask me if I'm ready to do sex! I don't know if I'm ready or not?... »»»
[family/health.] i think i might have an STI, but i don't have a gynochologist.. i don't want to ask my mother if she can take me to see hers because then it will look suspicious.. is there a way that i can get... »»»
[STD] on sunday, i went over to a friends house, and i really like him. before we had sex there was a little bit of contact without a condom, but no penetration. the very next day i began to feel a... »»»
[Sex] Hey me n my girl have been together for 1 year and 4 months, we had sex after 2 and it was perfect but it only happened 7 ties after that she says it cuz she ashamned but im afraid its not of... »»»
[Sex] Can i have sex even if i dont have my period yet ,does it change anything???? »»»
[life] hey teljeunes.i really am just wanting to basically get this out.i hav no clue whether i am gay or turned on my shirtless guys, look at hot guys on the internet and i feel confused.however... »»»
[sex] hello, my name is melody and im 13 yrs old, but since a few months, that ive been sleeping over 2 my b-friends house, he keeps on asking me to have sex with him and i feel like i want to have sex... »»»
[the first time?] 3 guys like me at school...lets call them A,B,&C. I'm Best friends with A,Good friends with B and friends with C... A and me are in love, but not in a relationship. I have sexual needs since i... »»»
[i think im bi] i was playin truth or dare with my friends and i had to pick if i had to kiss a girl or the guy and i picked the girl and i really enjoyed since then ive kissed her a couple of times and ive done... »»»
[cancer] hello i am a boy im 13 years old and my right boob is bigerr then my left when i pinch it to see something i feel somthing round and hard is it breast cancer? »»»
[tampons] is ing a tampon the same feeling as when you have sex? cuz it feels great. is that normal? »»»
[what ?] my girlfriend got raped and caught STI. and we both want are sexual need's. but i am scared if i catch the STI. what to do ? »»»
[Am I a lesbian?] It all started when I was in camp and about 14 years old. There was a female counsellor and at one point I had a tingly feeling down there when I saw her. Since then, it seems that I liked some... »»»
[my 1st time] hey im still a virgin and mi boyfriend and i want to have sex with me and i think im ready for my 1st time but im scared of getting pregnant even if i use a condom because theres a lot of girls in... »»»
[birth control] where can I get info on the different types of birth control pills? Do I have to be a certain age to go on the pill? »»»
[can i get an std if i give my virgin boyfriend a blowjob?] im gay and i agve my boyfriend a blowjob and i swallowed sperm can i catch anything he is a virgin!? »»»
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