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[sexuality] hi! i've been wondering when a girl give a guy a "blow job" (without protection) and he has an orgasm in her mouth (meaning there's sperm), are there any consequences for the girl? for example,... »»»
[sex] So my boyfriend and I had sex and i was on my monthly and we used protecten and about 20mins later we stopped i went upstair to go use the bathroom and i went back to my room and my boyfriend told... »»»
[how to know if ur lesbian] how do u know if ur lesbian? i mean, whats clear
definition? i like this guy, but i go to an all girls school
and i know a lesbian. i'm kind of scared because i dont want to become a...
[size] is their a certain size penis you need to penetrate a girl or for her to fell something »»»
[sperm] hi i turnd 13 april 12 and when i masterbate there is not alote of sperm that comes out of my penis whats wrong »»»
[pimples] i have a lot of pimples that are all over my neck and back and this all happened in a week and im wondering if its normal. »»»
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