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[ i'm emo ]

valery - girl - 15 ans (11 June 2009)

hi, since last week people started to tell me bad things about myself...i know i'm emo! what does that do in their life!? i'm starting to get really sad and bothers me cuz i can't even go to school without wearing glass cuz i'm afraid of what people will say... i'm not emo i'm just me! is it cuz i listen to metal music? or my make up or my outfit? i don't know! i wish i could live somewhere else, where different people is accepted...well, in my school its actually not the case...:( i really need your help to get trough this..even my friends sense from me a lot of sadness and rage..i don't know where to put it! i tried everything, i play drums guitar i sings i tried many sports, write, draw, play video games listen to music! nothing's working!...i feel so lost in my mind..i need your help please..:'(

Tel-jeunes’ answer

Hello valery. Let's look at this situation together.

First of all, let me tell you that we are very sorry for the long delay you had to wait before receiving this answer. So, you feel a lot of sadness and rage and you don't know what to do about it. I can read you're going through a though time. In your message, you talk about a lot of tools you already used in order to feel better. Tell me, how do you feel when you play drums, when you sing, write or draw? And after, do you see a difference? When we're experiencing a lot of different emotions, we may wish for them to disappear rapidly. Is it possible that the tools you're using are helping? Maybe they're not making your emotions disappear, but that doesn't mean it's not helping at all. What do you think? Tell me, do you think there are other things you might try?

Did you know that talking about what we're going through can be very helpful? Are there people around you that you can talk to when you feel sad? Talking about our emotions can help. Do you think it can be possible for you to call us directly? Internet is a great communication tool, but sometimes, it's easier to understand each other when we talk directly. What do you think? I invite you to call us so we can look at the situation with you. We could also try to find solutions about the intimidation you’re experiencing.

We’re waiting for your call. Take care!


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