Parents and Counsellors
If you are a parent, teacher or counsellor
This site allows you to better understand the various life situations of young people. It presents an accurate and current portrait of their concerns and gives a voice to those who are afraid to talk. The web greatly facilitates in-depth discussion about difficult experiences.

Many of the site's themes can be used as “ice breakers” for group discussions. In addition, there is also information on valuable approaches you can take to your contacts with young people.

You may want to refer young people to this service. Because it is available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, it complements your role as a parent or educator.

What is more, if you are a parent, LigneParents is always there for you. Whether your problems are related to education, burnout, parenting issues, or something else entirely, a team of counselling professionals offers timely support 24/7. It’s free and confidential: 1 800 361-5085.

LigneParents has a website ( where you can find support and realize that you’re not alone. You can participate in or just browse discussion groups, or write about what you’re going through...
What's on the site
The Tel-jeunes website is a reference source and professional support tool for every young person who wants answers to the questions that are bothering him or her, or who needs help during difficult situations.

To fit the wide range of needs of young people, the site has tools that let young people:

Learn: by consulting the thematic sections.

Get advice from other young people: by participating in support forums.

Consult questions that were previously answered by counsellors: in an online collection of questions and answers.

Ask a counsellor their own question: and receive a personalized response within 48 hours.

Express themselves: on a virtual mosaic lets them leave their mark on the site.

Young people can also talk to a professional counsellor on the telephone at any time.

All these services are provided by a multidisciplinary team of professional counsellors whose common objectives are to stimulate young people to reflect upon, and take responsibility for, their decisions, and to provide information that helps them make informed choices.

Young people do not come into direct contact with each other on the Tel-jeunes site. Everything that is published there is subject to approval by a counsellor, in order to ensure that all the available and posted content is truly useful to other young people.
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